Benefits of Membership

The Virginia Music Educators Association works to:

1. Provide professional development opportunities for music educators.

  1. Annual Professional Development Conference
  2. Elementary Grant Program
  3. Annual Large and Small Ensemble Assessments
  4. District/Regional/State and National Performance Events

2. Advocate on behalf of music education.

  1. Membership in Coalition for Fine Arts Education
  2. Government Relations Chair who acts a voice for music educators, communicating directly with elected officials and monitoring legislative matters affecting VMEA
  3. Communicates with members in regards to legislative alerts
  4. Coordinates important advocacy responses from music educators [Remember: If a delegate gets six phone calls on something it becomes a hot button issue!] 

3. Foster involvement in a professional community

  1. Networking
  2. Collaborating
  3. Aiding colleagues who seek answers or help
  4. Mentoring 

4. Present students with opportunities for further learning and music making.

  1. Tri-M
  2. Collegiate Chapters
  3. District / Regional / State / National Ensemble
  4. Conference Honor ensembles
  5. Assessments 

5. Offer an array of resources

  1. Notes – The VMEA Official Journal
  2. Music Educators Journal and Teaching Music
  3. VMEA and NAfME websites with resources and links
  4. Networking and People-to-People contact



Levels and Dues

Combined annual dues for NAfME and VMEA:

  • Active: $130
  • Retired: $61
  • Collegiate: $40 
The above rates are in effect through June 30, 2021.

For about 67 cents per school day, every member gets full access to all of the above membership benefits. In addition, the value of being in a professional community to network, collaborate, and learn is a priceless tool when it comes to offering our students the best in music education. Many teachers fund their dues through their school budget or booster program.

Please do consider becoming a part of the Virginia Music Educators Association. We look forward to serving you and know you’ll find VMEA to be an invaluable resource!

For any questions about VMEA membership please email: Lisette Armstrong Satterwhite at




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