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Due to increasing Covid-19 variants and differing guidelines around the commonwealth regarding masks, social distancing, and travel, the Senior Honor Choir Audition Committee made the decision to conduct the auditions virtually this year. As in previous years students will perform a prepared song, "If Music Be the Food of Love" and complete one sight-reading example chosen from several at random. Opus Events will be used again to host the online auditions and the structure will be very similar to last year’s auditions. Please click on the following button to access the Senior Honor Choir Audition Information, which contains all relevant information about the auditions and will continue to be up dated as needed.

Soprano and Tenors will sight-read in the keys of Eb, F, or G major. Altos and Basses will sight-read in the keys of A, Bb, or D major. The vocal range for the sight-reading is from "Ti" (below) to "La" (above) the starting tonic pitch. Please contact the VMEA Senior Honors Choir Chairs with any questions.

Repertoire:  "If Music Be the Food of Love", Henry Purcell

Soprano 1/Tenor 1: B-flat major
Soprano 2/Tenor 2: A-flat major
Alto 1/Bass 1: F major
Alto 2/Bass 2: E-flat major

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