All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble

2020 All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble Performance

** UPDATED ** 2021 All-Virginia Guitar Ensemble Audition Information Packet

Audition submissions

Submit a single continuous audio recording in mp3 or WAV format. A single continuous recording means that you should hit the record button before you play and hit the stop button when you finish. 


  • Speaking during recording will disqualify your recording 
  • Video submissions will be disqualified 

    Record your audition in this order:
  1. Scale: E Major scale (3 octaves) 
  2. Solo: Canarios (Gaspar Sanz) 
  3. Ensemble Excerpt: Techno measures 45-65 (Jürg Kindle) 

    How to Label Your File: 
  • FirstName_LastName_SchoolInitials 
  • Example: Kevin_Vigil_HHS.mp3 

    Your file will be renamed and assigned a code number by the VMEA Guitar Council. This will ensure that these are anonymous auditions. Adjudicators will not be aware of your name, gender, race or school. 

    Required items by February 7, 2021 
  1. Registration Form (Before filling this out, you will need your teacher’s NAfME Membership Number, Expiration Date & email address 
  2. Audio Recording 
  3. Audition Fee 

  1. Registration Form:
  2. Recording Uploaded to:
  3. Audition Fee Payment Site: 

    The audition fee is $20. The online payment portal charges $1.15 processing fee. The total payment is $21.15. Payments will not be accepted by mail, please use the payment portal. 


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